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hr one

People analytics: a threat or an opportunity?

Sean Green, IT Director for the City of London Corporation and City of London Police, discusses the merging and exciting use of people analytics and the opportunities and threats it represents
May 29th, 2018
hr one


AI has huge potential to replace the selection of talent using scientific methods. The problem with the approach is the lack of previous historical credible research
March 14th, 2018
the times

Finding the meaning behind the ‘wellbeing’ buzzword

“You can’t improve wellbeing unless you create trust from staff that you really do care” - Raj Hayer
Nov 16, 2017

The 'Rec Tech' Revolution: Four Startups Shaking Up The Way You Get Hired

What amounts to guesswork on the part of the employer and the candidate inevitably leads to costly hiring mistakes, and ultimately, unhelpful hiring bias
Oct 29, 2017

AI will disrupt recruitment, but what will that look like?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform a number of industries and revolutionise the hiring process
Oct 10, 2017

Episode 16: James Grant, founder of Weavee

James Grant, founder of Weavee, discusses the new technology that drives Weavee, the current state of recruiting, and what is on the horizon for HR.
Sep 25, 2017

The tech startups using AI to disrupt the recruitment industry

Personnel analytics company Weavee is also helping companies tackle the unconscious bias issue, by recommending candidates on the basis of what they are capable of, not what employers assume they are capable of.
Sep 20, 2017
training zone

How to make the most of People Analytics

Recruitment sets the scene for training. If employers lack the resources to offer training programs tailored to each individual employee, they will find that the use of people analytics will help.
June 14, 2017

Weavee on how people analytics can help land the right candidate

Recruiters regularly use data science developed by platforms including LinkedIn, but by using data sets unique to their own company, they can identify the most effective strategies for hiring
June 6, 2017
undercover recruiter

How people analytics can attract the right personalities to your business

Only half the workforce is strongly aware of what they need to do at their workplace to succeed, according to research from Gallup. How then are managers expected to hire successfully if they themselves lack the knowledge of how to grow new joiners within the company?
May 30, 2017
undercover recruiter

Analysing Different Personality Types in the Hiring Process

Hiring managers aren’t always as good at identifying high potential as they think they are. A range of techniques seek to address this problem, but which is the most appropriate?
Mar 1, 2017

Why businesses need Human Capital Analytics

By leveraging data and analytics you not only are able to understand and optimise employee behaviour, but more importantly align it to business performance and drive up both productivity and profits.
Nov 15, 2016